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Oracle of Scourge - acrylic on canvas, 12x36
Oracle of Scourge

In Doughnut Economics Kate Raworth urges us to “reimagine the shape of progress” to move from “economies that need to grow whether or not they make us thrive” to “economies that make us thrive whether or not they grow.”

Dueling Shrouds - oil on canvas, 30x40
Dueling Shrouds

The Thinker

Creativity and imagination generally occur in the right side of the brain, which controls the left side of the body. Artist, poets, dreamers and other right-brain-dominant people can easily feel stranded and unsupported in a left-brain-dominant culture.

The Left Hand Path - oil on masonite, 36 x 22
The Left Hand Path
Course of Empire - oil on masonite, 18x24
Course of Empire
Stolen Lives - oil on canvas - 30" x 40"
Stolen Lives

This painting is dedicated to Mumia Abu Jamal, whose life was stolen, and whose family’s father, brother, son, and husband was stolen in the form of his wrongly incarcerated person. The painting appears in the film: Long Distance Revolutionary, by Street Legal Cinema

Sedition - print on canvas, 20x16

In this imbalanced world, accidents of birth, resources, geography, ability, governments, and other factors determine whether we flourish or wither, live or die.

Allele Pool - oil on masonite, 11x22
Allele Pool
Reign of Terror