Ann Erpino Fine Art

Paintings and Prints


 Ann Erpino enjoys using art as a visual language to share her ideas, interests, experiences, and dreams.


     Nature’s interplay with culture, and its hidden entanglements and interconnections, provide a broad base of content which Ann adapts and rearranges to portray otherworldly realms, hidden energies and processes, and scientific concepts, often through metaphor.


After painting over 100 works for leading scientists, translating their research and theories into images, Ann was better able to detail and complete her own visualized theories of a holographic universe – an academic and aesthetic passion since childhood.


She is currently working on a film portraying an integrated, holographic cosmos, and showing how very small particles – quarks and atoms – resemble and entangle with very large particles – solar systems and galaxies. The film portrays many ways in which these particle dynamics resemble life processes such as evolution, self assembly, dreaming, and neurobiology.


The film began as a means to publish an original, visualized theory about black holes, then grew to include portrayals of quark production, cosmic binding, worm planes, and other obscure universal processes, all embedded within a spectrum of hidden dynamics which exist throughout the cosmos.


By presenting the cosmos as an entangled web of vibrating, floating, cohesive oneness, Ann hopes to make our own interconnectedness with each other, with all life, and with the universe intuitive.