Ann Erpino Fine Art

Paintings and Prints


     As a young painter I worked toward developing my art into a tool of communication. Nature’s interplay with culture provided the perfect base for portraying ideas, experiences, metaphors, processes, and concerns.


     I painted scenes from travels, literature, and science, and enjoyed sharing imagery from that which we all experience internally, but which can be difficult to verbalize or share with others, such as from dreams, visions, memories, and emotions.


After painting over 100 works for scientists, translating their research and theories into images – mostly of processes too small or too abstract to be seen – I was better able to detail and finish my own visual interpretations of particle dynamics, which I’ve mused upon, studied, and sketched since childhood.


My current project is a film portraying a Grand Unified Theory (a holographic universe). That is, it shows how very small particles – quarks and atoms – resemble and entangle with very large particles – solar systems and galaxies. These resemblances are then shown to be reiterated in life processes such as neurobiology, dreaming, and self assembly.


The film features original theories about black holes, quark production, cosmic binding (ask me), and worm planes. It portrays a spectrum of hidden dynamics which are everywhere all the time, and which permeate and envelope all things.


By presenting the cosmos as a floating, cohesive, vibrational oneness in detailed visual terms, I hope to make our interconnectedness with each other, with all life, and with the universe intuitive.