Fauna / Nature / Dreams / Zeitgeist / The Winfree Series

Los Olvidados - oil on masonite, 18x24
Los Olvidados
Listen - print on canvas, 30x40
Amphibia - oil on masonite, 48x36

As sea levels began to rise, amphibians were among the first class of animals to broadly perish.

Pompeii Dreaming
Dry Bones
oil on masonite
Call and Response
Oracle of Scourge - acrylic on canvas, 12x36
Oracle of Scourge

The mass of the Earth’s human made materials – including buildings, vehicles, infrastructure, appliances, and equipment – surpassed the mass of all living things in the natural world, including all marine life, soil microbes, plants, trees, birds, and insects around 2020.

Above and Below - oil on plywood, 23 x 32
Above and Below
Monkey Temple II
Painting Anecia - oil on masonite, 22x24
Painting Anecia
oil on masonite

Nature tells complex stories of ephemerality and interconnection, sometimes most legibly when it interacts with culture.

Canaletto's Allegorical Tomb of Lord Somers - print only, 30 x 24
Canaletto’s Allegorical Tomb of Lord Somers
Monkey Temple at Midnight - oil on canvas, 24x18
Monkey Temple at Midnight