About the Artist

     Northern California’s variety of beautiful landscapes have long influenced the art of Ann Erpino. She earned a degree in Fine Art at U.C. Berkeley, while also studying languages and natural sciences, and became aware of visual art’s potential to communicate ideas. She trained herself to think in visual terms and in metaphor, augmenting her visual language by reading and dreaming, and by visiting archaeological sites, unusual landscapes, and natural wonders. Ann has practiced energy work and meditation, and incorporates diverse life experiences and archetypes into her images. Before full time easel painting, she worked as a muralist, portraitist, art teacher, workshop presenter, and scenographic artist. 

     Ann has painted over 100 works for leading scientists, translating their research and theories into imagery about molecular programing, neurobiology, self assembly, life’s mineral origins, medicine, and much more. This intensive practice in portraying unobservable and abstract processes, plus the science she learned while doing it, contributed greatly to Ann’s own comprehensive, visualized version of a Grand Unified Theory – a life long art/science goal, now finding expression in film. She’s excited to be developing video clips, minisets, props, sketches, and live action sequences to visually portray a holographic universe, and life’s many resemblances to cosmic phenomena and particle dynamics.

     Ann’s award winning art has been exhibited in museums and galleries, and featured in films, publications, theater, and on tv. She has maintained studio/galleries in Los Angeles and Sacramento, and has an ongoing exhibition of ninety eight paintings at Caltech’s Winfree Laboratory. Her paintings and prints belong to collectors worldwide.