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Grace - print on canvas, 24x18
Howling at the Moon
oil on canvas - 4' x 3'
Portrait of Remedios Varo
Majesty - The Call - print on canvas, 22x25
Majesty – The Call
Our aqueous bodies respond to forces such as breezes, the moon's pull, electrical currents, and other nearby signals. When we lead diverse lives from those of our neighbors, family, and friends, though we may live near each other, we lack the steady conditions of a common environment, diet, occupation, cause, mood, and so on. Had we those primal conditions in common, the bulk of our humors might wave or ripple or flow as the humors of one being. Perhaps we'd experience a human murmuration.
Coma – One Blood

Our acqueous bodies respond to forces such as breezes, the moon’s gravitational pull, electrical currents, and other near and far signals. When we live different lives from our neighbors, family and friends, although we may live in close proximity, we lack the stable conditions of a common environment, a common diet, a meaningful occupation, common interests, emotions, etc. If we shared these common primal conditions, much of our humors might wave, ripple, or flow as one—as a liquid murmuration

'Flow' is a state in which one is hyperaware of one's surroundings, of the feel of a texture or breeze on the skin, of a warmth or chill on the shoulders, of scents and sounds, and of known or imagined pleasures or dangers. When immersed in a seamless integration of sensing and acting, with all attention on the task at hand, time is irrelevant, self-consciousness and self evaluations are absent, one can sense being part of the world, and rapture is possible.
Zephyr’s Drum
Six Dancers

‘Flow’ is a state induced by a hyperawareness of, and interconnection with, one’s environment, with all of its perceivable events and qualities

When immersed in signals, with all our attention upon the world around and in front of us, especially within a pristine natural environment, we can best blend energetically with that system and acheive flow. Anything outside of the relevant energy system may seem nonexistent.

Three Muses At Work - print on canvas
Three Muses at Work
The Day Nobody Died - oil on masonite, 3(20 x 12)
The Day Nobody Died

When one is stressed and depressed about their job, home life, and lack of freedom and leisure, one can seem to be living a partial death. Future people could evolve into more humane societies which foster joy, arts, beneficial occupations, kindness, and harmony with nature.

In deep, dreamless (delta) sleep we’re unconscious of any feelings, thoughts, or emotions, or of our surroundings. This calm time away from body and mind, while mentally and emotionally peaceful, also renders us most physically unguarded and vulnerable.

Theta Waves - print on canvas, 26 x 36
Theta Waves
Solve For X, Mike - oil on masonite, 18 x 24
Solve for X, Mike

Mike reentered his math class to find that during his absence the other students and teacher had decorated the classroom with pictures of the white bird, which had long disturbed him.

Ishi, the Last Yahi

Ishi, the last surviving member of the Yahi tribe, spent years hiding alone in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. His desperation and loneliness eventually drove him to reveal himself to white invaders/settlers, who awkwardly befriended him.

Restitution - oil on masonite, 30x24

In 2023 many organisms without air conditioning perished. Wes Jackson and Robert Jensen write in An Inconvenient Apocalypse that for a livable future, along with creating new political and economic systems, we’d do well to phase out our current association of a good life with industrialized materialism, and instead cultivate a ‘creaturely’ worldview.

The Joker - print on canvas, 30x40
The Joker
Twilight - print on canvas

Paul placed his deathbed by the front window of his home so that as he lay dying he could happily visit passing friends and neighbors, and prolong his farewell party.

Ode to Paul
Limbic - print on canvas, 20x16
The Kiss
Promises to Keep
Still Life with Mantises - oil on masonite, 16x32
Still Life with Praying Mantises
The Little Sorcerer - oil on masonite
The Little Sorcerer
Right Off The Deck - oil on masonite, 12x12
Right Off the Deck
Fantastical paintings of animals, insects, and people by Ann Erpino
Spoonfed - oil on masonite, 12 x 14

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