Diere en Mense / Drome / Tydsgees / Ruïns / Die Ann Erpino en Erik Winfree Wetenskap Reeks

Outsider - print on canvas, 18x39
Some people will play chess or play in the water for hours.
Ja, Kom Ons
When a seafaring molecule is suddenly ripped apart by a great force, such as that present in a bursting bubble, an opportunity arises for the newly exposed molecular fragments and 'tails' to rebuild and repair themselves. At such a moment of restructuring, a mutation may have occurred which led to more complex molecular units becoming life or providing a basis for life. Dr. Bernard Yurke theorizes that just such an occurrence may have beget life on Earth.
‘n Onvermydelike wonderwerk

Wanneer ‘n seevarende molekule skielik uitmekaar geruk word deur ‘n groot krag, soos dié wat in ‘n barsende borrel voorkom, ontstaan ​​’n geleentheid vir die nuut ontblote molekulêre fragmente en ‘sterte’ om hulself te herbou en te herstel. Op so ‘n oomblik van herstrukturering kan ‘n mutasie plaasvind wat daartoe kan lei dat meer komplekse eenhede vorm en lewe word of ‘n basis vir lewe verskaf. Dr. Bernard Yurke teoretiseer dat net so ‘n gebeurtenis lewe op aarde kon verwek het.

Listen - print on canvas, 30x40
Classic Rose - print on canvas, 18x24
Klassieke Roos
Khong Lo Cave - oil on masonite, 30" x 40"
Khong Lo Grawe

Selfsamestelling bestaan ​​skynbaar oral, van stofhasies tot molekules tot sonnestelsels. Dit lyk ook of die lewe omtrent oral voorkom waar toestande dit toelaat.

Self assembly exists seemingly everywhere, from dust bunnies to molecules to solar systems. Life also seems to occur just about anywhere conditions permit.
Harmonie – ‘n Skeppingsmite
Michelle se Tuin
Shy Telepathic Treefern Model - oil on canvas, 30 x 24
Skaam Telepatiese Boomvaring Model
Tantric Alchemy - oil on canvas, 30x24
Tantriese Alchemie
Thunder – A Reverie - print only, 40 x 30
During insomnia an area of my mind churned for hours, then stayed awake and conscious while another part fell asleep enough to begin dreaming. In there, flashes of light and colorful swirls coalesced into random representational forms. The forms dissipated into swirling colors and flashes, then formed again into other random objects such as a tree, a cat, a flower, and a chair.
Flower of a Half Dream
Howling at the Moon
Crucible - print on canvas, 36x26
Calla Lillies - oil on masonite, 24x16
Calla Lillies
Loom - oil on masonite, 48x24
Give and Take - print on canvas, 24x48
Give and Take
Echoes – Communion Mass consists of webs of vibrations, with smaller particles enveloped by larger particles, each layer providing an energetic substrate for the next larger layer. The wave nature of matter is perceived differently by observers of different scale and sensory apparatus.
Echoes – Communion
Illusion - print on canvas, 30x40
Orchids - oil on masonite, 13x13

oil on canvas - 16" x 20"
Corpus Callosum